Calendar of Groups and Events

At A New Way Peer Recovery Center, we offer a variety of groups and events, and a safe place to explore your creativity and continue your path in recovery. We are always updating our calendar and invite you to check this page often and reach out with any questions or stop by for a visit.

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Learn More About our Programs

ACOA: a support group to help individuals who desire to recover from the effects of growing up in an alcoholic family.
Al-Anon: a 12-step support group to help family and friends recover from the effects of someone else’s drinking.
All Pathways to Recovery: The All Pathways to Recovery meeting is an open discussion meeting that welcomes every path in recovery.
Big Book Meeting: a 12-step discussion Big Book meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Community Meeting: an open meeting at which we welcome members to bring ideas to the community; it’s a great way to get involved with the goings on at A New Way.
Creative Minds Inspire: Creative Minds Inspire is a group to encourage people to express their creative sides and discover how healing and enlightening it can be.
Double Winners (AA/Al-Anon): a combined AA meeting and Al-Anon meeting, which is a 12-step support group for loved ones of someone who suffers with addiction.
Fit 2 Recover: a fun, supportive, and challenging way to help enhance the mind/body connector through physical activity and wellness planning.
Ideas Worth Spreading: a discussion based on a 5-20 minute TED talk video we will watch at the start of the group. For more info go to
Healthy Connections: Men and Woman who are currently in substance abuse recovery, learning to nurture ourselves so we can nurture others.
Healing the Soul of a Woman: how to overcome your emotional wounds.
It’s in the Book: an open discussion AA meeting.
Learn to Cope: Learn to Cope offers peer-support, education, resources, and HOPE for families dealing with addiction and recovery.
Men Only – Life Recovery Bible Study: a fellowship of men seeking true freedom in recovery through building a relationship with Jesus.
NA Meeting: Narcotics Anonymous is a 12-step fellowship for anyone who struggles with the disease of addiction. Alone we can’t; together we can; one day at a time.
NAMI/Dual Diagnostic Support Group: this is a recovery support group for those of us that are suffering from an alcohol/drug problem and a mental health diagnosis.
Nurturing Program: women learn to nurture themselves so they are better prepared to nurture others.
Nutrition & Education: this group provides valuable information regarding nutritional wellness, as well as delicious food, for A New Way members.
Off Your Duff: this is a group to get people interested in their overall health; a 40 minute power walk with a 20 minute stretch.
Open Sources Recovery: discussion of the linkage between all recovery practices and approaches including mindfulness, Buddhism, 12-step, spirituality, CBT and more.
Outreach Meeting: share your ideas on ho we can best serve our community.
Overcoming Negative Thoughts: a discussion group based on Dr. David Burns’ book “Powerful Healing Tools”.
Paint Night: a really fun guided painting session, which is a great way to explore your creative side.
Refuge Recovery: A Buddhist approach to recovering from addictions of all kinds.
Relapse Prevention: a cognitive behavioral approach to relapse with the goal of identifying and presenting high risk situations such as substance use.
SMART Recovery: a science-based self-help support group whose methods can be used to alter any negative behavior (substance use, eating disorders, gambling, etc.)
The Sun Will Rise: a grief support group for those who are dealing with the loss of a loved one.
Veterans Support: the Veteran’s Support group is a mutual support group run for veterans and by veterans.
Volunteer Meeting: the Volunteer Meeting is an open meeting at which the members of A New Way can discuss the different ways to help out at the center.